Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It makes me sad...

First, the job is going awesomely well! I have really settled back in quite well and am loving what I am doing. Things on that side are just great!

What is saddening me is Google. I have to say that I have been a Googlephile since Google's inception. I have always loved it and sworn by it and a number of its products. Lately though, I have started to feel like they are concentrating too much on all of their pet products and not the product that started them on their road to greatness..... their search engine.

I have been searching for an article on a particular topic and know what I was looking for as far as the information in the article. I searched Google several different ways and it always came up with the same results. Consistent, yes, but still not producing exactly what I wanted.

I was on my cell phone and in its browser I did a search for what I was looking for and VOILA!!, the result I was looking for. Now, the sad part is that the phones search engine is powered by BING. That is the sad part. That a Micro$oft search engine gave me what I wanted as the first result while Google didn't give it to me at all.

I went back and searched for the exactly same phrasing I did in BING and went through several pages of information, but that result was not there. I guess my question to Google is Why? How is it that a Micro$oft search engine gave me what I needed, but Google couldn't? It couldn't even produce the link in the first several pages of results.

Don't get me wrong, I am not switching to BING. I still have a hatred for Micro$oft and its search engine repulses me, but I am still a bit dumbfounded that my go to couldn't produce the results. I think Google really needs to sit down and rethink how much effort it is putting into its search results processing, otherwise BING is going to steal more of its market away. I hate to say it, but it is inevitably true.
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