Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adding Desktop Spaces in OSx 10.8.x

This is one of those things that is different between earlier versions of OSx and the current version.  To be honest, I find it much easier in today's version than it was earlier.

In the earlier version's of OSx (I am not really sure of which version it was changed), you would go to System Preferences, and under Personal there was an item called "Expose and Spaces", where you would configure your desktop spaces.

Now, with the advent of gestures making it a bit quicker to do certain things, like switching desktop spaces, you can also add desktop spaces.

How?  Using what is called the "view Mission Control" gesture, where you use 3 fingers together and drag them upwards on the mouse pad, you are presented with a display of your desktops and your running applications.  You can drag your apps to different desktops from here.  If you bring your cursor to the upper right corner, a "+" sign will appear.  Click it and it will add a desktop to your spaces.  If you happen to add one to many, or want to reduce the number of desktop spaces you have, then simply hover over the desktop(s) you wish to get rid of and an "X" will appear in its upper left corner.  Simply click the "X" to get rid of the desktop space.

For those that are somewhat new to OSx and are not totally comfortable with gestures and want to learn, Apple has provided some quick videos.

I hope this helped.
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