Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I give you.... PyBlueprint

About 3 years ago (or so), I created a bash script for starting a new Python project.  I was tired of setting up each new project by hand and wanted a quicker way to do it as a time saver.   That endeavor yielded a script that I have used for the last 3 years.

While the script works fine from a bash perspective, I was not yet happy with it in that state.  So, I embarked on re-writing it in Python.  I didn't get the chance to work full force on it right away, but over the last week or so, I have made an immense amount of progress on it.  So much, that I am ready to announce the project for people to download, play with and hopefully enjoy.


PyBlueprint's whole purpose is to create a base project directory for new Python projects.  Some of the features that the script has are:

    - Creates project directory for you and populates it with a base set of files (script, README, etc)
    - Initializes a new git repo (or not, if that is your choice)
    - Create a new Github or Bitbucket repository for you to push your code to

I could be over estimating, but I would say that this project saves me about 5-10 minutes of initial project setup so that I can get to coding my projects quicker.

I know that not everyone works in the same manner and we each have our own requirements.  I just ask that if you are a python developer, please give this a shot and see if it works for you.  If there are suggestions, I am open to them, please just open an issue in the project.

Project Link:

UPDATE: I realized a short time ago that I still had the repository set to be private.  I have changed it to be a public repo.  Sorry about that!
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