Saturday, April 28, 2007

Module Installation(s): UPDATE

Earlier today, I emailed Dan Sully, the author of Crypt::OpenSSL::X509, with regards to the errors that I received when trying to install the module.

Well, Dan was kind enough to respond( and quickly I might add), telling me that it didn't look like my system had the OpenSSL Development libraries and headers installed.

Having recently switched to Ubuntu I have been finding out how much I truely take for granted with distro's like Suse that let you pre select the software to install. Ubuntu just installs a base system and lets you configure it from there. It is one thing that would lead a newbie to Linux to absolutely drink, but it doesn't bother me, I am just learning what the OS's needs are.

Anywho, I installed the dev libraries for OpenSSL, deleted the unpacked module from the "~/.cpan/Build" directory and did a re-installation of the module. This time, after the libraries and headers were installed, the installation went flawlessly.

I did get curious though and tried to do the same to the OpenSSL module ( even though the documentation is.... well..... less than adequate) and it failed miserably as expected. Yes, I have given up hope for that package and suggest nobody else try to install it until it gets some MAJOR updates done.

So, my thanks go out to Dan Sully for his assistance with my missing libraries and headers! Thanks Dan!

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