Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bring on the one liners!

I have been playing with Perl for a couple of years, off and on, not really that intensely. About 6 months ago I really picked up the pace when my last job released its online training courses. I ended up taking the 3 main Perl courses and learned A LOT, all at the companies expense. Almost 2 months ago I landed the job I am in now, as a Perl Developer, and watch as my learning curve took a sharp incline towards the ceiling. I love it when it does that and I really into what I have to learn.

Since getting this job, I have written a couple of scripts for work here that are a few hundred lines long and others that are only a couple hundred lines in length. Not too shabby and they work great.

Recently though (starting last week), I have been working on a Production issue. I did a fix for the issue but have since then been learning how the scripts work. The project is mainly shell scripts, but one of the scripts that is called is a ".sh" file that only contains... yup, you guessed it... a Perl one liner. This one liner is supposed to compare two files and return the lines that aren't duplicates.

Well, in my examination, I will be darned if I can find any where that the one liner is actually doing a comparison. To me, it looks like the script just simply outputs the first file and then appends the second file.

Anywho, that issue aside, during the whole research that I have been doing, I have had the opportunity to really delve into how to do one liners in Perl. It is really rather interesting. Granted, its not my favorite way to code Perl, but for the quick dirty job that takes seconds, it is definitely the way to go.

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