Friday, August 31, 2007

New Status: Moderator

This is AWESOME!!! Not only is today my birthday, but I was given an unexpected present today.

I have been actively posting and participating in the Perl forum on since about May of this year. I have only posted one or two questions myself, but spend 95+% of my time on their answering others questions as some of them challenge me to research and learn before answering.

Well, I made a bid to the main Moderator for the Perl forum about a week and a half ago to join him in the duties. Well, he put me in for it the other day and this morning I was delighted to find that I had been awarded the honor.

This is GREAT!! I have since been cleaning up posts, moved one posting, and just all around having a blast with my new found moderator status. No, I am in no way abusing it, but I am trying to keep up on all the goings on so as to keep the forum running as smooth as possible.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

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