Monday, October 29, 2007


About a year (or so) ago, I blogged about a neat little program called Incollector. I have been using the program regularly since then and have really grown to love it. The whole purpose of the application is the organization of information. You enter it, you tag it, you maintain it. The program has really come alive and been an excellent part of my daily arsenal of "toys and tools".

The reason for this update though is not just to again let people know about it, but to also let you know that Incollector has now released its 1.0 version.

If you are wanting to organize those bits of data you have scribbled down on post-its and papers, need a place to store all your serial numbers, have code snippets you need to save, then this is the place to store it. The database is exportable and can be imported between Linux and Windows versions.

Download it, install it, play with it, and enjoy it. It is an incredible tool!

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