Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's the buzz?

So, what is the Buzz you ask? Funny you should ask. Back in December 2007 (specifically, on the 7th of December, 2007), I was reading the newest entry on the Perl Buzz website. The article was about what the author called, "A Couple of Happy Perl Users". Much to my suprize, the user in the second paragraph was ME! I was taken aback and could not believe it. My blog had gotten mention on Andy Lester's Perl Buzz. How absolutely cool was that?

Well, it made my day yet again when an article I wrote for was mentioned on Perl Buzz. The article was about how to install Strawberry Perl, a distribution of Perl for Windows. I was overjoyed yet again. The comments on the article began to come in, but they weren't all positive. Since the article was written, you see, Strawberry Perl had released a newer version of their distribution that was based on Perl 5.10. The new version had newer capabilities that the 5.8.8 Alpha 2 version did not. The article that I wrote was based on the 5.8.8 Alpha 2 version and not the 5.10 version, thus, it is not valid for the newer version.

With that discovered, I made a modification to the beginning of the article to mention that it is for the previous version of Strawberry Perl, not the present version. You see, with the 5.8.8 Alpha 2 version, in order to get the CPAN interface working properly, I discovered that I had to install the Windows binary version of some of the Unix tools that were needed by the CPAN interface, and after doing so, all worked fine and still does (since I have not upgraded to 5.10).

In a slight defense to myself though, I did post a comment to the article on Perl Buzz (see comment #3), in order to clear up the confusion that seemed to have ensued. On January 8th, a follow-up article was posted on Perl Buzz that mentioned that the article I wrote was not in accordance with how 5.10 works. I also commented on that and mentioned the version difference. As I mentioned in my comment, I will work on getting the article updated for 5.10 once I have had a chance to update my system.

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