Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There is always a catch, isn't there

I came across a link today that said "Free Domain Name for 1 Year to Small Businesses".  So, I clicked it and it brought me to  At that link is the offer that was in the advertisement. 

So, I typed in a domain that I was thinking about and hit "Go".  Voila, the domain was available and all I had to do was select that I just wanted the Free Domain, without any extra services, which I did.  Next, I was asked to either log in(for existing / returning customers) or create an account.  Ok...

Being the anal person that I am, I decided to read through the fine (light grey) print at the bottom of the page, you know, the stuff they hope you won't notice and read.  In there it said that even though the first year was free, you are required to supply them with a credit card number anyway as part of their "standard registration policy". 

This is something I did not want to comply with at this time.  Why do I have to enter a credit card number if there is no charge to me?  I know that a lot of businesses require this, but its ridiculous if you ask me.  Why get a card number on file if its not needed?  Wait until after checkout, and if there is a balance, obtain it at that time.  Is that so hard?  Sheesh!!

Needless to say I closed the site and left as I wasn't about to divulge the digits from any plastic I may have.  I just wanted to post this so everyone else was aware of this fact before clicking on said advertisement should you happen across it. 


Dr Mike said...

The credit card is used to verify you are who you say you are. Like a hotel reservation.

Anonymous said...

Or it is sold online in one of the many detail selling sites. I agree with the article.

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