Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catching up

I must say that this business of being unemployed (about 4 1/2 months now), has certainly taken a toll on my mental state. I am one of those people who likes working and being I work in a field I love, I generally love my job.

Unfortunately, being unemployed and in a job market that is not exactly condusive to becoming employed again does not do well for ones level of depression. Its not like I haven't had interviews, I have. One of the first interviews I had after becoming unemployed (I think it WAS the first one), was a wonderful experience. I was comfortable in the interview, which is unusual for me as I am not a good interviewee. I tend to get nervous and even though I know my stuff, I tend to freeze because I really want the job. Yes, I did slip up a question, but I got a good vibe from the interviewer. That person, by the way, was the reason for my bit of comfort. He wasn't overly intimidating and that was a relief, plus we had similar backgrounds on some things. Unfortunately that job fell through when the company pulled all Contractor funding. I still have hopes that that will change in the near future and that they will hire on new people as I am still interested.

I had another interview down in Boston at a company that did a lot with SMS. One of their large clients that they run the sms voting application for happens to be American Idol. Well, I went to the interview and all seemed to go ok. I did not get any vibe from either of my interviewers though, so I wasn't sure what to think. A couple of days later I heard that they decided to go with another candidate that had more years experience. Again, back to the job hunting grindstone.

Now I sit here and am going through a butt load of CBT's, learning some new topics. In particular, I am going through CBT's to pick up C#. No, I have never been a .Net coder as I made that decision back in college. It isn't because of my Pro-Linux side either, its valid reason(s). If you want to know, ask me some time, but believe me, it was valid.

Anywho, I am currently going through that training. Also in the CBT's that I have access to is a bunch of Java as well, which I will try and get through to boot. Training is good and it certainly can't hurt.

I just hope that something happens soon. The school year is about to start and we have cars needing work. One of them runs fine (mine), but needs inspection next month and also a minor fix. My wife's, well that is another story. Hopefully the new battery we just bought will fix things. If not, it could get ugly as we'll have to sideline it till I am employed again.

Oh, I know, this is my geek blog and what am I doing venting about life? Well, right now, this is what I have going on. Sorry! I promise a return to the geekiness, but had to get this out of my system. Don't be surprised if this venting stuff happens again. :)

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