Friday, April 30, 2010

Project Update - The Re-Learning speed bumps

It amazes me how you can stop doing something for a while ( like the web design side of the house ) and you can really forget how things work.  I have been working on getting a navigation menu working for the project at work and it took me a good couple of days to figure nut how to get CSS horizontal drop dad written wasn't.  own menus working.  I was scratching my head till I decided to take a step back, do some reading and then examine what I had done thus far.

I had to start by taking an example menu and get its code working.  Then, modified it for the options I needed and voila, working menu.  Then, I had to plug it in to the site, where it needed to be and make sure that it was where the other menu was.  That was a bit easier.

Once the menu was working, I compared it to my original code and I then saw the structure and quickly figured out what I was missing and why the code I had written wasn't working at all.  I just sat there, shaking my head in wonder at what I had forgotten and what I was slowly remembering.

So, onward I push.  The next step is to get the search page for the client database, designed, and setup so that I can then code the validation for the entered data and the processing to pull data from the database.  I think the only part at this point that I need to figure out is, if I pull information from the database and there are more than one clients returned, how can I have a list presented and then display the page for the chosen client.  This is all a new realm to me, so I am venturing into it with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

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