Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wonderful World of Setting Up Your Own VPS

There is nothing like the learning curve that comes with setting up your own VPS. Sure, there are plenty of things that I have had experience in setting up, but there are things that I have never had the opportunity to dabble in. Its actually quite fun, albeit frustrating at times.

For instance, Apache is an amazing web server, but trying to configure it to support a subdomain is a pain in the @$$! I have followed a number of forum posts and tutorials and done a lot of what was mentioned, but still, no joy. Unreal! When it works, its amazing, but when you are trying to do something specific, its a picky pain.

For anyone who is curious, here are the stats on the server that I got:

Hard Disk: 100 gig
Memory: 512 mb (with a burst to 1024 mb)
CPUs: 4
Bandwidth: 1.5 Tb per month.

Here is the page describing the different configurations. To tell you the truth, I looks at a lot of different providers and Semoweb provided the most disk space and bandwidth combination for the price.

Plus, their customer service has been top notch so far, both through chat and on the phone. No real issues, more questions from me. If your looking for a provider, I recommend them. So far I haven't had any issues.

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