Thursday, January 31, 2013

Once more into the fray.....

Not to pull a quote from the movie "The Grey", but it seems appropriate considering my situation.  Back in October, the company I work for decided that my group (and a couple of other groups) needed to be relocated to one of their offices in another state.  To say that we were blindsided by this decision was an understatement.  I mean there were rumors abound for years about its possibility, but nothing ever came of it..... till now.

Seeing as how all 7 members of the team I am on are choosing to take severance (including me), they are losing many years of experience supporting their client facing product.  Four of us have already received our 90 notice of termination, and of everyone in the group, I think that I am the one most actively looking for work at the moment.  Sure, it would be nice to bank the severance, but I have to admit that staying employed and keeping a roof over my families heads is a bit more important in my opinion.

So, I have been actively doing things like learning Python and MongoDB and rebuilding my skills in Perl (which I have only used periodically over the last 3 years, but am getting right back onto that bicycle).  I am hopeful that one of the interviews that I have had (and am going to be going on) pans out as I really want to keep working.

So, at this point I have 75 days left to find myself a job.  Fingers crossed!

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