Saturday, August 17, 2013

Issues/Bug Tracking Software

I recently started working on a software project during my companies recent Hackathon.  While I ended up getting a good chunk of the application completed (ok, the initial configuration script and the first part of the app itself), I see an immediate need to track both needed enhancements and bugs/issues.

I did a quick search and found a Wikipedia page comparing the different issue tracking systems out there.  Some of my requirements are:
  • It must be FREE!
  • Support for git (as that's what I am using for my versioning)
  • Python based (because Python rocks!)
  • Not hosted.  I want to host it myself.  ( I'm a control freak)
  • An option for OpenID login would be sweet.
  • Ability to lock it down securely.
I know, its not a terribly long list, but its not short either.  Unfortunately, my options are quite limited, due in no small part to my Python requirement.  After looking at the options, I am currently looking at Trac (quite popular) and Apache Bloodhound.   Before you say it, Launchpad is python based, but unfortunately appears to be a hosted solution.  

In comparing the two potential choices, I have decided to go with Trac.  I did some research on their site (and through the Googles), and there has been plenty of additions made to the project.  For instance, someone implemented pastebin support in Trac using a Python module called ClueBin.  That is SWEET in my opinion.

Update:  Thankfully, I quickly realized something I overlooked in my decision.  That was the need for support for multiple projects.  I know, I didn't list that above, but an issue tracking system that only supports one project is quite tunnel visioned.  Trac claims that people have modified the application to add support for multiple projects, but at the point that I am at, I am in no place to take on that modification.  So, it looks like Apache Bloodhound is going to get my current vote and i will update after I have it installed and have used it for a bit.

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