Thursday, September 05, 2013

Effing ARGH!!!!!

Let me just say how painful it is when you have been pouring tons of time into a pet project that you feel strongly about, and that you had a "grand plan" for, only to literally stumble upon another site that has already implemented the idea.  ARGH!!!!!

My idea was to be a nutritional information site.  It would cover not only standard foods and processed foods from your grocery store, but also the food at restaurants.  I wanted this thing to be the one-stop-shop for anyone conscious about their health and what they eat.  

One of the main reasons this is near and dear to me is that I am a Diabetic, and earlier this year changed my entire eating style to be Paleo.  Its been an amazing journey thus far and I wanted this site to be the nutritional information bible.

Well, while downloading restaurant nutritional information last night, I noticed that one of the PDF's was not hosted at the restaurant's site, but instead another site all together.  I went to the root url only to discover that this site, where the info was hosted, already provided what my site was going to provide.  And on top of that, it was pretty slick.  A friend suggested I use their data as my source and make a better site, but to be honest, it wouldn't be right.  Yes, I am one of those honest people and believe in doing the right thing.

You can say 'C'est la vie'..... move on..... whatever you choose, but it doens't take the sting out of the fact that I feel robbed and completely screwed over having been totally beaten to the fully implemented concept.  

I am going to just have to ensure that the next idea that I have gets to fruition quicker, before someone else does it.

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Numberwhun said...

To further share, the site that I found is called Nutritionix (

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