Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Get Away From Adobe Products

Adobe revealed back on October 3rd that their network had been infiltrated.  According to one article, 39 Million accounts were compromised.  On top of that wonderful news, Adobe also revealed that the invaders were also able to grab the source code to pretty much all of their products.  This is pretty insanely scary on many levels.  With the source code, one could find vulnerabilities or, even more unscrupulous, they could input vulnerabilities and release the version into the wild via torrents.  Adobe's products are widely torrented and it wouldn't take much to get people to unknowingly adopt the hacked versions.
The company that I work for has completely purged itself of any Adobe products, and from what I hear, there is a global ban going on in a plethora of companies.  My suggestion is to follow suit.  You don't need Adobe's products where there are other viable (some free) options.  I don't use anything much beyond Adobe reader and their flash player.  I have long ditched their reader anyway and gone with a free reader.  As far as the flash player goes, I am researching a viable option as too many sites still require flash.  Hopefully we will see a change in those sites as well.

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