Thursday, May 22, 2014

Update: Python Virtualenv Setup Project

I have been doing a bit of work the last day or so on my script for setting up a python development environment called "Python Virtualenv Setup".  When I first mentioned the project on here several posts ago, I mentioned that I was planning on support for auto-creating a bitbucket repository during the script's run.

Well, I not only added support for creating a bitbucket repository, but I added support for github as well.  So, the two popular and competing services are now supported.  I even went so far that if you create one of the remote repos, the script also does a 'git init' in the project directory for you and also provides you the command for setting your origin for pushing your code to your new, remote repository.

I feel like Tim Robbins in Antitrust, "God, I love this stuff!".

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