Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Python Virtualenv Setup: Updated

I used the script I created to start a new project and realized very quickly that something wasn't right.  I had noticed that the autoenv wasn't working, while it had previously.  I checked other projects I used it with and it worked fine, so I started digging through the code.

Then I saw it.  With all the other projects, there was either a github or bitbucket repository created.  For this project I opted for neither.  Unfortunately, I completed forgot that even if I don't start a project, I need to still initialize the project as a virtualenv.

So, I decided to functionalize the github and bitbucket portions and moved the final step outside of the code that creates the repo's.  I tested it and voila!!!  Worked like a champ.

So, if you downloaded previously, please update your checked out version so you have the latest copy.

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