Thursday, November 04, 2021

PyBlueprint update

 Since I have started this project, I have had an issue where the "checks" option, to verify that everything was correctly installed, has been failing to detect virtualenvwrapper as installed, even though it is in the 'pip list' output.  

After a bunch of digging and research, I have discovered a way to do the checks that seems to be working without issue.  I have installed it on a couple of different systems, both Linux and Mac, and things seem to be functional.  That is a breath of fresh air from me, as I have hated the error happening (and subsequently being ignored by me as I knew it was installed). 

So what is next?  I plan on adding support for more languages (shell, perl, and fix the ruby implementation to be more automated).  I also want to give an option for setting up directories for code that has been checked out from a repo, so that it can be added and setup more easily than trying to remember the commands to add it.  

We shall see how those options come along and hopefully I can advance this software's language support.  If anyone has any requests, by all means, please leave a comment and I will see about adding to my list of items.  Heck, the best way would be to open an enhancement in the repo.  You can do this by creating an issue and title it as an enhancement.  

Happy Geeking!

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