Saturday, May 07, 2022

Thoughts On Ubuntu 22.04

 So here I am a few days ago, sitting at my computer, working on a project, and a pop-up appears asking me that Ubuntu 22.04 had been release, asking if I wanted to upgrade to it.  (Yes, I know that I can limit what I am notified of, I actually choose to know when the latest is available).  

I think, "Sure, why not." and clicked through the plethora of buttons to get it up upgrade (agreeing to the upgrade no less than 3 or 4 times). So my machine goes into upgrading and I decide to let it do its thing.  An hour or so later, I return and its at a login prompt, as it had rebooted.  Only, the login page is now dark themed.  Very nice!!!  The upgrade results were starting off on a good note.  

While its just a lot of packages that were upgraded, as well as the underlying software, I will say that there was an extremely annoying side-effect of this upgrade.  I have some projects that I have setup, including having done pip installs of packages and such for the software.  It seems that during the upgrade, all of those packages and settings went away.  Seriously?  Just *POOF*?  What the heck, Ubuntu?  Way to blow away my installs and configs.  

So, I had to spend some time re-setting up the stuff I regularly used (and some I was working on).  All of the items, by the way, were already using Python 3, so nothing except a newer version being installed.  

I just wanted to share this annoyance, in case you are planning on upgrading.  You will need to plan on some extra time, re-setting up some things once the upgrade completes.

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