Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And children will be....well.......children!!!

I make no point to hide the fact that I am a HUGE fan of Google. No flaming please, I believe in "to each his own". My wife really likes Yahoo News and I don't knock her for that, they have a nice page going there. I am just hooked on my Google News and cannot change that.

But, that is not what this is about. Back when I obtained my invitation to open a Gmail account the hype was just starting to build and Microsoft and Yahoo saw Google as a rather sever threat to their way of life. Why do I say this? Because, as everyone is aware, Micro$oft and Yahoo blocked ALL Gmail invites sent to users on their respective email services. Thus, where my point about being "childish" comes from!

Now, Google has beat them all to the punch and purchased youTube.com. In my opinion, this is only going to increasingly benefit the youTube.com site and allow it to grow, especially since Google has convince the likes of Sony and Warner to open up their music video's to youTube.com members, for Free (as in water(I say this as I don't drink beer)). Anywho, it was announced on slashdot today that Yahoo Messenger is now blocking the youTube.com URL.

Come on people, can't we all just get along? Face the facts that Google got to it before you could and that's that! Live with is. I severely dislike Microsoft because of their Evil, misleading ways and their crappy software. It makes me just as much dislike Yahoo to see these childish games being played as a virtual temper tantrum because they didn't get their way.

GROW UP YAHOO!!! And that goes for all the other's that would follow in the same path! Just......grow....UP!

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