Friday, October 20, 2006

Conversion Complete!............DOH!!!

I noticed a couple of weeks ago, while updating my blog(s), that the new Blogger 2.0 BETA was available for use. To use it, you would need to convert your profile and blogs over to the new version. The system does warn you that the conversion can take a while depending on the size of your blog(s), but considering my blogs were started earlier this year and I don't have a ton of entries to date, I figured the conversion would be rather quick.

I was right, in fact I was blogging with the new system withing a few minutes. The system looks pretty much the same, but there are additions and changes that Google/Blogger have made to the system, like the addition of tags for your postings.

I have been using the new version for about a week or so now and just today I decided to click on my profile and see if that is displayed any differently. Upone doing so I see the following: "Age: 250". I took a real double take because I knew this couldn't be right. So, I logged in and went to my profile setup only to find my date of birth, during the conversion, had been changed to 1756. ( wooo hooo, I wasn't aware that I had gone through the quickening, but i'll take it). See the screen shot below for my blogger2.0 determined age.

So, to all those would-be upgraders out there, when your upgrade is complete, go in and check your profile and make sure you didn't suddenly gain years before you are supposed to.

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