Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And you thought they were offshoring alot before? Just wait!

I was sitting here at work today when a friend from EDS (where I used to work before this job) IM'd me, asking me if I had heard the news. Being that EDS was in the middle of an approximately 45,000 person layoff, moving those 45,000 jobs to India, I was expecting new of friends having gotten let go.

While waiting for his response I was scanning the news wires and saw that HP had agreed to buy EDS for 13.9 billion! WOW!!! What a bit of news that is. In talking with another friend, who also used to work for EDS and HP both, the employees thought EDS was off-shoring a lot? Just wait. HP seems to be one of the kings of off-shoring with a fair amount of its workforce living in India and other countries.

I just wish that off-shoring would stop being so cheap, that way the jobs could stay here in the U.S. Heck, maybe the new president will do something about the situation and cut the off-shore companies off at the knees. That would be a very pleasant turn of event if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Unix SysAdm from Argentina, I've worked for EDS a while back and now I work for another large multinational. I have friends in the US that have been fired, I feel sorry for them. It's a market thing. Tough luck.

Numberwhun said...

In a way, yes, it is a market thing, but I have friends that have been fired as well and they are all quite talented. They were let go because the company saw a way to save a buck. I am quite the anti-off shoring person so I certainly hope it comes back to bite them, and hard.

Now with HP owning them, it gets worse. We shall see.

Cd-MaN said...

Having been on the other end of the outsourcing process (being from Romania and all) my opinion is that just the lowest tier gets outsourced. And if you are in that lowest tier, though luck. Move up or don't support capitalism.

Good professionals will always find work, anywhere they want.

Numberwhun said...

By lowest tiers, I assume you mean everything below management as they are the people it usually happens to. Unfortunately, I was told that management has been effected as well. I have a belief that nobody is safe when a corporation decides to go with outsourcing. My old manager put it best, "Nobody is safe from outsourcing, even him", and that was at EDS.

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