Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Perl error is fixed

I completely forgot to let everyone know that the Perl error I was experiencing was fixed. Albeit not in a manner conducive to learning why it happened and how, or what to do to rectify it, but instead, but installing the latest and greatest version of Perl and re-creating the soft links to point to the new version.

Once that was done, all works just fine now. ***sigh***

On a lighter note, I have downloaded MacOSx(86) and am planning on attempting to install it on to my personal laptop. (vice my work laptop, which would be a no no) The version of MacOSx is 10.4.6. If anyone else is interested in trying this, you can find install instructions here. Also, there is a page that shows the laptops that have had successful installs of MacOSx.

The laptop I have is the Dell Inspiron 9200. Unfortunately, not on the list and from what I can find out, that means either nobody has tried or hasn't reported on it. Hopefully, I can report success soon.

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