Saturday, February 16, 2013

Frayed...... No more!

I posted a short time ago that I had re-entered the job market thanks to the company that I work for eliminating my position.  To recap, they notified us (my entire group) back in October 2012.  I was given my notice and a termination date in mid January that would terminate my employment in April.

I have to admit that prior to the bombshell they called an announcement, I had been looking around at jobs and had been on a couple of interviews over several months prior.  It was only a casual looking as I was employed.  Once we received the news that casual looking turned to an all out assault into the job market to find my next job.

It took a little while, but I am quite proud to announce that I FOUND A JOB!!!!!!  I was beginning to get in the mindset that I wasn't good enough and wouldn't find anything, but I have to say the two interviews that I went on felt really good.  The company is amazing and still in start-up mode, so its in the process of growing and expanding.

I have 4 days of work left and I will be done with the employer who apparently didn't want us around any more (maybe some day I will expand on that vague idea).  The good news is that I am employed, joining an amazing company and plan on getting my head right into the job.

On a side note, I found out something about the way my current employer is going about their 'moving of positions', that is really just disgusting and underhanded.  From what I found out, if you terminate or lay off a certain number of employees, it must be reported to the Federal Government and counted among the unemployment statistics.  The media then get hold of the news your doing layoffs and that can really worry people and even effect your stock price in some cases.

So what is my current company doing?  They are doing the terminations / position moves in small groups that fly juuuuuust under the Federal radar.  Thus, they can move the jobs and terminate the positions (knowing most won't relocate) and they don't have to report it.  They are actually working to shut down the site where we are, so the fact that they are doing it in small chunks and nobody will be none the wiser that all those people were laid off and the site closed, is just wrong if you ask me.

I just hope that in the long run, the choices they are making as far as staffing to replace many years of talent and experience, come back to bite them in the a$$!  The look at the numbers and don't give a crud about the people and their experience.  It goes to show that in large corporate America, nobody is safe, no matter what.


Shahana Shafiuddin said...

Congratulations for your new job.

Numberwhun said...

Thank you very much! :-)

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