Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Change My Name Please", begged the Mac OSx Machine

I ran into a small issue where my laptop and my machine at work had the same name (yes, I liked it and ended up overusing it).  When I first logged on to the network at work, my machine name on my laptop was "auto-changed" to have a suffix of '-2'.  I found it odd, but accepted it.... temporarily.

I recently made a conscious effort to fix my naming scheme, and have since done so.  In case you have a Mac and don't know how, here is the command to use if you want to change the hostname of your machine.

First, open up the Terminal app and enter the following:

    sudo scutil --set HostName .local

The portion should be replaced with the new name you want for your machine.

I recommend that you nail down your own machine naming scheme prior to haphazardly naming your machines on the fly.  But in the event this happens, you now have the knowledge you need.

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