Saturday, January 04, 2014

Does that site have an RSS feed?

A while ago I gave our daughter my old DroidX phone and since then, she has increased her use of it.  She now has a free texting app that she uses with her friends (not that I am completely comfortable with it, but, baby steps), and today, discovered the news widget, which grabs article title and summary from rss feeds.  

Well, I found the sites for the tween/teen magazines she reads and after examining all the different areas of each site (having my IQ drop with each link click), I determined that I really needed a more definitive way to find the rss feed links for the site(s).

So, on a whim, I opened up the page source for the main page of each site and searched for "rss".  What do you know, if there is an rss feed, its typically mentioned in there.  Good stuff to know if you have tweens/teens and need to set this stuff up for them.  

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