Monday, January 13, 2014

No Audio Via AirPlay From Macbook To Apple TV

For Christmas, my wife's work gave everyone Apple TV's.  I was excited to hook it up and play with it and in fact was quite impressed with it right off.  After playing for a bit I tried to play a movie I had on my Macbook Pro.  While the video was mirrored over to our TV via AirPlay, the audio seemed to stay with the laptop.  Talk about odd.

I tried a couple of things (disconnecting and reconnecting from AirPlay, rebooting, etc).  I then did some Googling and discovered a post on the Apple Support forums that said to run the following:

sudo killall coreaudiod

After I ran that, I was able to play the video I wanted to (via VLC Media player) AND hear the audio on the TV.  Woo Hoo!    Some reported that they had to reboot as well, but for me, I just had to run the above command before starting up VLC media player.

Best part of the forum post I found was that NOBODY from Apple Support posted the work around.  It was one of the users that had discovered it and posted it.

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