Friday, February 21, 2014

Alternative HackerNews formatting

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am an avid HackerNews reader.  For geeks, I find it to be one of the best centralized sites for news from around the internet.  The stories are user submitted and I always find plenty of stuff to read and learn from there. 

One thing I found early on was that I really didn't care so much for the default style of HackerNews, but I put up with it for a while.  That is, until I found Georgify, a Chrome extension that pretties up the interface, and does it nicely IMHO. 

I tend to switch between Chrome and FireFox, depending on which machine I am on (work or home) and on Firefox, the Georgify extension doesn't exist by itself, but as with many things, there is a work around. 

First, install the "Stylish" extension, and then go over to, search for Georgify.  You will see a bunch of items on the search page.  Pick the one you like and install it.   FYI.... on my machine, I had to authorize the extension for a popup for installation. 

I don't know about everyone else, but I have to say that I like the customized extensions to change the way that HN looks. 

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