Thursday, March 20, 2014

iOS 7.1 Problems & Fixes

It's that time again, time to update your iPhone to the newest version of the iOS software (Per Apple's announcement). 

As with any iOS update, there are certainly problems that people are having.  Thankfully, for some of the most common problems, people like ZDNet have compiled a list of issues with possible solutions.

Looking over the list, I would like to mention a couple of issues that a colleague experienced that are NOT on the list.

1.  90% of my colleagues contacts simply disappeared.

This issue SUCKS!!  You take the time to add the contacts you need on your phone, only to have them simply go away with an update.  Well, I believe I have the solution to this after my wife's iPhone decided to remove hers for no reason what so ever.  Sync them with iCloud.  If you sync all of your contacts with iCloud, you should be able to easily re-sync with the cloud and have your contacts back on your phone rather quickly. 

2.  His corporate Good email app stopped working.

The company we work for uses Good for secure, corporate email on mobile devices.  I am always hearing about the app stopping working after an update, so it came as no surprise to me.  If this happens, you'll have to re-install and get a new code from your company's Administrator. 

Hopefully this list of problems and solutions will help to lighten the blow if you experience them. 

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