Friday, July 06, 2018

A new home for my projects and a project update

New Home

I know that there is always an expectation that, if you are a developer of some sort, you store your code into Github (at least that is the first one that comes to people's mind).  I have a Github acct, but, because their private repos are not free, I haven't truly used them for storing my repos.  And considering that Microsoft now owns them, I really won't be using them for my code.

Up until now, I have relied on Bitbucket (currently owned by Atlassian), as it offers unlimited free private and public repos.  We have both Bitbucket and Gitlab at my work (local installs for both).  After all of the increased fanfare for Gitlab (after the Microsoft purchase of Github) and my exposuer to it at work, I have made the switch to store my repos there as well.  Unless they change their policies, I will probably be with them quite a while.  

Project Update:

I did want to say that I have migrated my 'pyblueprint' project over to Gitlab.  Thankfully Gitlab makes the migration to them painless, and it was just a click of a couple of buttons to get the repo moved over.  The 'hard part', if you will (although not really), was fixing my git remote to point to the new repository location.  

I do want to say that I have added support to the project for creating a repository up in Gitlab.  Seeing as how I am now using it, why not.  :)  While testing out the application to ensure everything was still working afterwards, I discovered that my checks were not working.  Why?  Because the maintainers of 'pip' decided that, as of pip 10.0.0, they no longer support pip bing used programatically.  If you drop into IDLE, do an 'import pip' and then do a 'dir(pip)', you will now notice that there are no methods associated (aside from the underscore methods).  This completely broke my checks as I had relied on that useful bit.  No worries though, the checks are fixed and functioning as expected.  

Also, if anyone is using this application (don't know if anyone is) and they would like support for an alternative code repository, please feel free to open an enhancement ticket and I will see about adding support for it.  

That's it for now, happy coding!

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