Thursday, February 28, 2019

pyblueprint-py3 Now Exists

What a crazy 3/4 of a year its been.  The last company I worked for kept going down hill for the employees with a ton of management change-over, which was in no way good.  Eventually, things had to change and I needed to get back to a happy place.  At the turn of the year I started a new job, and BOY, am I happier.  While I am still ramping up at my new place of employment, I am certainly having a lot more fun here than I did the last couple years at my old job.  Considering what is going on over there, I do not envy my old colleagues.

Enough about the craziness.  I recently sat down and took the time to convert the pyblueprint project over to using Python3.  Not only that, there is a new option for specifying a language.  It defaults to python, but it will create a directory structure for whatever language you choose.  But, python and Ruby have support for the virtualenviroment that this project sets up (as does Go and NodeJS, but I haven't yet put together docs and such for that.  That is coming though.  I migrated the project to a new name, call pyblueprint-py3.  Feel free to download it and play with it.  Hopefully it works for you.  If there are issues, please open a ticket in gitlab under the project.  Also, I am open to feature requests, should anyone have any. 

Hopefully I can get more additions on to this project in the near future. 

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