Friday, June 01, 2007

The hunger and thirst for everything Perl

I have been playing with perl for about 2 years. I wrote a Perl script at my last job that just set up some directories and created some log files, nothing extravagant about it. Unfortunately, my last job really left little time for coding or learning to code Perl for that fact, given the insane and overwhelming workload that we were faced with. Even attempting to pick up some Perl while on lunch proved to be a daunting and sometimes impossible task. The only time I could really focus and learn some Perl was while at home after the kids were in bed asleep. Then and only then was I able to concentrate, was I awake enough to do so after being mentally fried from all of the days events.

Thankfully, the new job that I started a couple of weeks ago has afforded me nothing but the opportunity to code in Perl. Most of what I do is Perl coding and I am happier than a clam. I have learned so much in the last two weeks that I am beside myself at my adjustment to the learning curve. Before starting the job I had obtained Brian D Foy's "Student Workbook" that accompanies the Llama book (Learning Perl). The Llama book has questions and exercises at the end of every chapter, but the Student Workbook contains more exercises to assist with getting you in a better Perl state of mind.

Well, having completely turned my 'learning' attentiveness towards the realm of Perl, I have been thirsting for everything that I can get my hands on to satisfy my burgeoning hunger for Perl knowledge. One of the resources I turned to in hopes of "data....input" was podcasts. Upon searching though, I only found one true podcast related to Perl and that is "Perlcast". Don't get me wrong, Perlcast is absolutely AWESOME, even having a very prominent members of the Perl community, Randal Schwartz, as the roving reporter reporting all the Perl news that's fit to report. Other than reporting the latest Perl news, Perlcast also does interviews with members of the Perl community and segments from conferences.

For me though, this just isn't enough. I want MORE! I have searched a fair amount of the web and unfortunately cannot find any other Perl related podcasts. What was I hoping for? beleive it or not, I was hoping for a podcast on Perl that covered a different topic in each episode. Maybe go over topics such as:

  • Scalars
  • Arrays
  • Hashes
  • Modules (creating)
  • many different episodes that each time choose a different module and go over it in detail
  • Regular Expressions
  • and so on, and so forth
There is such a multitude of possible topics, that the number of episodes could and would be immense.

Sure, some are out there probably saying, "So why aren't you producing these podcasts"? I have thought of that and believe it or not, I am still thinking about it. My biggest issue would be where to host it as I would need enough space to hold all of the podcast files. Yes, this area would be new to me and I don't have much expertise in creating these, so please bear with me. If anyone has any information, such as software recommendations for creating podcasts(OSS preferably) and also a good place to host it or share it as well would be great.

No, this is not an "I will do it", this is more of a "I will look into the possiblity". This would benefit me as well as I am still up and coming. I guess there is no better way to cure your hunger than to make your own meal(s).

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