Monday, June 04, 2007

Update on curing the hunger

You know, it is never a good idea to make rash judgments. They always tend to lead to something you didn't want or expect. That is one reason I said in my previous post that I would look into the Podcast idea.

Over the weekend, I listened to an older Perlcast that Josh McAdams made, where he interviewed Randal Schwartz. Whether or not that was made before or after Stonehenge started supporting Perlcast is for them to know. Either way, in the interview, Josh asked Randal his opinion on Perlcast and what he said was that he actually really like Perlcast and the idea of reporting the Perl Community news for all to listen to. He also mentioned that it wasn't trying to do Perl instruction over an audio feed, which Randal did not find any use in.

Hearing that I thought longer and harder about what I was leaning towards and realized that he is completely and totally correct. You have to see code to learn it, that is why there are so very many resources and documents on the web and also so very many books on the topic of Perl.

I am one of those people that when I come across something I want to know more about or if I somehow think of an idea for a pet project, I write it down somewhere. These scribblings are actually gathered into lists. Yes, I do eventually get to them, but sometimes it takes a while. Usually if I need something and its on a list or if I get bored I tend to reference my list(s) for something to do. I took a look this weekend at my list of pet projects and did see a couple on there that would afford me the opportunity to delve into some modules that I have been wanting to play with. So, that is where I will turn to to cure my hunger pangs, instead of trying to create a podcast that wouldn't be all that useful. (sure, a video podcast would do the trick, but I have neither the resources nor the hosting to hold the files, so that is definitely out of the question at the moment)

Any who, back to work at learning Perl. Happy Monday everyone!!!

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